MrOne big data application

NewA Technology - Creating a lively experience for the enterprise product launch.

Context: NewA Technology(Now was going to launch Mr.One Alpha, our first web application that handles AI-powered predictive modeling and data analysis for both experts and none-experts. I was tasked to design the company's website. It's our first attempt to introduce our product to the potential users. The website also helps establish an online identity of the company to deliver the message to the right audiences.

Time: Feb 2017

Role: UI / UX Designer

Method & Skill:Wireframes, UI/UX design, content editing


1. Creating a sustainable structure

By collaborating closely with the CEO, we firstly discussed "what" will be shown on the website. Back then, Mr.One was ready to accept alpha testers and the other product, "NewApedia" was under construction. And I was told that we were also in the process of planning other data analysis services. The website should inform the audiences what the company is about, and all the products and services it provides. Taken all that is happening into consideration, I suggested a structure that can accommodate the available contents we can show on the launching day. It became an extendable basis. As the company grows fast and new needs emerge, new contents can be added along the way seamlessly.

Target Users

Figure 1. Structure with available contents click to see the full image

Target Users

Figure 2. Extended structure with new contents click to see the full image

2. Exploring a narrative to deliver the message accurately

Machine learning and AI-powered data modeling often sound complicated and unapproachable. As NewA Tech's goal was to democratize the AI-powered modeling process, Our website serves as a bridge to connect our potential customers (Mainly non-expert users, e.g., business executives and business analysts) with our product. Through the website, we want to deliver the message that with Mr.One, people with little data science background can do complex data modeling too. Therefore, it needs a lively style and natural narrative to deliver that message to our audience.

Target Users
Target Users
Target Users

Figure 3-1,2,3. Exploring narratives: Scenarios, Compelling questions, Elevator pitch

In collaboration with the CEO, I tried using scenarios to tell the story, asking compelling questions as well as delivering the message just through a simple elevator pitch. The scenarios might be too specific, users might not be able to relate it to their own problems. And the simple elevator pitch is a bit abstract to understand for people without data science background. Therefore, we chose the second option as a narrative. Also, the CEO wanted the website feels young and updated with the current design trends, light colors were chosen to bring a less boring feel.

Target Users

Figure 4. Exploring ways to tell the story: Scenarios, Compelling questions, Elevator pitch,click to see the full image

3. Adding a hint of personality and keeping the style consistent

As the style was defined, I also made sure it was consistent across other sub-pages. Though Mr.One is an enterprise product, viewing the launch of it can also be an engaging experience. The details were also applied when introducing the makers behind it.

Target Users

Figure 5. Colors, icons, etc.,

Target Users

Figure 6. Adding some personalities

Target Users

Figure 7. Keeping an consistent style accross the pages click to see the full image

Working with the CTO John and front-end developers, we implemented it in March 2017. After the launch, we also tested it and made constant improvements. The site helped attract alpha testers as well as investors. But it's currently not in use as the company is undergoing a renaming and rebranding. You can visited the archived version here.

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