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PoppiBook is a personalized pop-up book specially made for parents and their kids, which brings them a touchable story-building experience together. In this start up project we took an iterative approach in which we made assumptions and then interviewed target users each week to validate our assumptions or made changes to our ideas and designs.

Time: 2014.2 - 2014.4

Type: Teamwork with Gigi Ho, Jenny Hanell, Swana, Bappy, Khalid | Coursework

Role: User researcher, interactive prototyper, video crafter;

Method & Skill: Interview, photoshop, html, css and javascript, cooperative testing


1. User Research and Interviews

This project aims to explore the relationships of parents and children, and find design opportunities for improvements. In the brainstorm we came up with four potential themes that could be explored: the separation of parents and their young kids, physical contact between parents and children, single child problem and social developments, social anxiety, bully problems.

four direction

Four directions around parents and children

After online investigation, literature research and a thorough discussion of the four topics, we decided to focus on the separation of parents and their young kids. We assumed that young parents would miss their kids very much during the day when they couldn’t see each other, e.g.: while at work. So our design direction was lead to design a pair of tangible devices for distant communication with a soft, and warm feeling of touch.

sketches of fluffy distance communication toys

Sketches of the tangible communication toy.

The following week we interviewed five parents and their kids near the Toy’R’Us shop and Cinema in Stockholm with the following four main questions:

Q1. How much time per day do you usually stay with you child (for working days / holidays)?

Q2a. How do you usually spend time together? (OR: What do you usually do together?)

Q2b. How do both of you and your child feel during the time you spent together?

Q3. How many times per day at work you miss your child?

From the interview we found out that:

1. Parents didn’t actually miss their kids when they were separate during a day

2. Some parents still liked to read books for their kids before bed.

So we give up the idea of tangible toys that keep parents and their kids connected while they were separate, and turned to focus on the time they spent together. Inspired by the fact that parents and children still read physical books, we came up with Poppibook, an platform that enable parents to create stories with their kids online, and build the pop-up book together offline.

Our new assumptions were:

1. Parents like to put their kids in the story

2. Children of a big range of age(3-10) love pop-up books

Then we carried out nine more long interviews with 2 dads and 7 moms. They were asked four sections of questions about their general activities, reading habits, building things together, and the existed service that they used. (If you are curious about the details of the questions, please contact me via weiwei[at]weiwei-zhang.me). Also we consult the library stuff about pop-up books. Here was what we found out

• Some parents did create stories for their kids when they were under age 2

• Currently, popup books were usually thought for kids under age 4

• Children have good reading habit (almost read everyday

• Lots of bedtime reading (age under 11)

• Parents generally enjoy the time reading and building things together with their children

• Prefer physical books rather than ebooks (only 2/9 interviewees have used ebooks)

2. Customer Archetype and Competitive Analysis

Based on the user research, we build two customer archetype to represent our target users.

customer archetype Icustomer archetype II

Customer Archetype

We also analysed five current product that provide similar service

survey results
survey results
survey results
survey results
survey results

Competitive Service Provider

3. Wireframing, prototyping and user testing

We did wireframing, graphic prototyping and an interactive html prototype was built using html, css and javascript. The prototype was then tested and modified iteratively with 3 parents.

poppibook wireframing

Doing wireframes

graphic prototype

Prototype using photoshop

poppibook html prototype

Screenshot of the main page of poppibook

4. Concept Video

Finally we created this concept video to introduce Poppibook and it’s functions

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